Improving life on the road

Today there are more challenges than ever for owner-operators and fleets. Some of these concerns are rising fuel costs, government standards about greenhouse and quality of life on the road. Utility Trailer Sales is committed to providing solutions that can improve quality of life on the road, improve efficiency, and save money. We are continuously looking for new products and solutions for our customers.

Improving driver comfort and lowering operating costs

Idling your tractor engine for in-cab comfort or to eliminate cold starts is very expensive, especially with rising fuel costs. In many locations it is also illegal, and fines can be quite high. Idling increases fuel costs, engine hours, maintenance and service costs. With Comfort Pro you can turn off your engine, turn on the air conditioning, or in cab appliances and lower your operating costs. Utility Trailer Sales is an authorized Comfort Pro dealer and is ready to make this an important component of your tractor. Financing is also available for this product for your convenience. Call and speak to one of our knowledgable staff members in the Reefer Department.